9 Best Online Yoga Classes to Try in 2024


Practicing yoga has never been more accessible than it is today. Gone are the days when you need to plan ahead, reserve classes online, and rush to your yoga studio to get your fix. The best online yoga classes are available from the comfort of your own home.
The beauty of this shift to online yoga platforms is you can tailor your classes to suit your needs. Online yoga teachers create a wide range of on-demand videos for yoga students to choose from when they need it the most. Right at your fingertips, you can practice yoga anytime you want.

You’ve probably heard that practicing yoga has been shown to benefit one’s mental and physical health. Restorative yoga, for instance, can be done right before bedtime as it has been shown to alleviate stress and relax muscles. If you need a quick burst of movement, thousands of yoga sequences are easily found online as well. 30-day yoga challenges are popular on numerous YouTube channels when you need the motivation to stay on track with your yoga journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or love integrating yoga into your regular fitness routine, we’ve listed both free and subscription-based online yoga platforms and yoga teachers you can follow. For most of these, all you need is a yoga mat. Here’s your guide to the nine best online yoga classes you need to check out.

1. Alo Moves – Best Online Yoga Classe in 2024

Alo Moves has long been a staple in many yogis’ at-home practice, and for good reason. The online platform boasts an array of over 3,000 yoga, fitness, skills, self-care, and meditation classes to choose from.

This one-stop destination for all your favorite yoga teachers and influencers makes the annual $129.99 subscription fee worth it. Although it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of on-demand classes available on the platform, the user-friendly interface of Alo Moves makes it easy to filter classes by instructors, length, style, difficulty, and intensity. They provide a comprehensive guide as well on what’s best for your level and capability.

With the high-quality videos and yoga teachers, consistent structure, and ease of use, we highly recommend Alo Moves if you want to build a regular yoga practice outside the yoga studio.

2. Yoga with Adriene (YT) – Online Yoga Classe

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Adriene Mishler just celebrated the 11-year anniversary of Yoga with Adriene. With over 12 million subscribers and almost 700 YouTube videos, Adriene makes online yoga classes worth a try. She is undoubtedly one of the best and most trusted yoga instructors out there.

Her free yoga classes are 20 to 25 minutes long and are easy to follow. Perfect for beginners or practitioners looking to relieve certain pain points, each of Adriene’s sequences are easily searchable by target areas. Her most popular yoga videos are sequences that target neck, shoulder, hips, or lower back release. Many of her subscribers swear by her online classes when you want to start practicing yoga.

Adriene’s YouTube channel gained immense popularity during the pandemic, with millions following her 30-day challenges. This is the perfect place for early practitioners looking to get into yoga with a daily routine to follow along.

3. Yoga with Tim (YT)

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Yoga with Tim comes highly recommended online, right along Adriene’s channel. His 30-day challenges are the next step in progression when you’ve become more comfortable in your yoga practice and are looking to increase difficulty gradually.

Tim Senesi builds his sequences on his Iyengar base, with a mix of vinyasa yoga. Proper alignment in one’s yoga practice is crucial in avoiding injuries and in order to build strength. Tim’s cues allow the practitioner to focus on core foundation techniques rather than relying on flexibility.

He has over 400 free yoga classes on his YouTube channel that are mostly 20 to 30 minutes long. With popular videos on total body vinyasa flow (emphasis on stretch and strength), we recommend Yoga with Tim for practitioners looking for a deeper challenge beyond beginner classes.

4. DoYogaWithMe – best yoga online classes

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DoYogaWithMe is another online yoga platform that allows you to filter classes by difficulty, style, and duration. With 20 yoga instructors on their roster and over 1,000 online classes available, this option is great for practitioners looking for a variety of free videos and teachers in one platform. Unlike most online yoga platforms, their basic plan gives you access to hundreds of free online yoga classes.

The free subscription option gives you access to 50% or 500 of their videos, their classes range from Ashtanga, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Plus Size Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Therapy, among many others. If you choose to subscribe for $13.99 a month or pay an annual fee of $108.99, you get unlimited access to their library of online yoga classes.

Part of their mission is to bring community-driven yoga to the world, and their classes are perfect for practitioners looking to learn yoga online without feeling too intimidated. It’s as if you’re taking a class at a local yoga studio around the corner.

5. Yoga with Kassandra (YT)

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With over 2 million subscribers and 840 videos to choose from, Yoga with Kassandra is one of the best YouTube yoga instructors to follow for beginners and practitioners looking for a variety of Yin classes. Her channel is highly recommended by practitioners who have been following her online yoga classes for years. She specializes in Yin but offers a wide variety of yoga styles as well.

Yin is a slow-paced yoga style that gives you space to open your body and hold yoga poses for a more extended period of time. Many of Kassandra’s popular yoga videos focus on 10-minute stretching and morning routines that wake the body up. Her videos help practitioners ground themselves before starting their day and are great for those who prefer minimal cues from their yoga teachers. She offers an online yoga teacher training in yin yoga on her website, for those interested in checking that out.

6. Sarah Beth Yoga (YT)

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SarahBethYoga’s channel on YouTube is perfect for beginners looking to start their yoga practice or those working on their flexibility. Her online yoga videos span 5 to 30 minutes and you can find a library of over 400 videos with color-coded thumbnails for easy navigation. She offers a variety of yoga styles, which include power, restorative, vinyasa and hatha yoga.

Her videos are all set against a white backdrop, with Sarah Beth using a voice-over while demonstrating yoga poses. Many beginners and experienced practitioners alike prefer simple delivery with minimal cues, and this is the perfect destination for that. She also has her own app that offers unlimited access to exclusive content for $39/month or an annual fee of $348.

7. Boho Beautiful Yoga

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With over 500 videos set in beautiful outdoor locations, Boho Beautiful Yoga is an inspiring YouTube channel that works best when you need to get in a quick workout while on vacation. And even when you’re at home, it’s a great place to find yoga and fitness classes online.

Boho Beautiful Yoga is run by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk, who also create content around vegan food, travel, and conscious living. Their dedication to health and mindfulness is evident in the videos they produce.

From beginner to intermediate classes, this is a great channel to find a variety of classes that challenge your strength and flexibility.

8. Five Parks Yoga

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As we scoured the internet for the best yoga online, Five Parks Yoga with Erin Sampson was among the top recommended YouTube channels we came across. Her channel boasts over 300 free yoga videos, which feature numerous full-length classes that are 60 minutes long.

Her videos are set against vibrant outdoor locations (usually in Costa Rica or Nicaragua), and the vibe is a refreshing change from the highly produced yoga content we’ve become accustomed to. The natural lighting and sounds of nature make you feel you’re on location with her.

The classes found on Five Parks Yoga are more intermediate-style vinyasa yoga flows, which are perfect for practitioners looking for more challenging classes in the comfort of their own homes.

9. Down Dog

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Down Dog is an online yoga platform that delivers an experience unlike any other. Unlike most online yoga classes, the app customizes each class based on a set of preferences you choose as you create your account. Aside from choosing class length and yoga styles, Down Dog allows you to customize things like voice-over, hold length, warmup length, background music style, and even instructional cues. Much like how no two Netflix profiles are identical, each sequence is tailored to fit different personalities.

The benefit of the Down Dog app also lies in the time spent searching for online classes you’re in the mood for. Many of their users say the app takes away the hassle of yoga class trial and error. There’s no need to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of on-demand classes to find one that suits you. We recommend this for practitioners looking for something fun, new, and personalized.

Our Takeaways

In-person yoga classes are great when you want more hands-on instructions or thrive in group classes. The energy you get in a yoga studio can fuel you to work harder. However, the convenience of online yoga classes benefits both beginners and advanced yogis alike. You can take your most trusted instructors with you on vacation, have unlimited access to world-class teachers, or maintain a daily yoga practice in your living room. You can choose a price point that works best for you without compromising on quality. Even your favorite YouTube teachers offer full online yoga courses on their websites when you want exclusive content for a small fee.

With thousands of options, choosing the best online yoga class and instructor for you can seem daunting without a guide. This list gives you a researched outline to choose from so you can explore your practice and try a variety of quality classes. The most important thing to remember when picking the best online yoga program for you is sticking with what works best for your body and mind.


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