6 Best Yoga Apps For Beginners


So, you’ve been thinking about starting your yoga practice and looking for the best yoga apps for beginners? Wherever you are on your yoga journey, Today is the perfect time to start. Yoga has mental and health benefits that you feel after just a few classes. Breathing and meditation are integral parts of yoga, helping center you and aiding in mental clarity and relaxation. Physically, maintaining a regular yoga practice can be a form of workout and exercise that improves flexibility and strength.

Accessibility of Yoga in Recent Years

As studios and gyms alike started increasing their online classes in recent years, yoga has become more accessible than ever for those who have been on the fence about giving it a try. Whether you’re too busy to attend in-person classes, unsure of which yoga class to sign up for, or too intimidated to get into a room with seasoned yogis, yoga apps and platforms allow you to practice at your own comfort level. To make things even better, monthly subscription fees are cheaper than what you would normally pay for one in-person yoga class. Most yoga apps even offer free trials. So you can try out a few classes, pick your favorite yoga app, and see what suits you without paying anything.

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

All yoga apps are not created equal, and what works for one won’t necessarily be the best fit for another. As yoga can be a deeply personal experience, we’ve created a list of the best yoga apps for beginners to get you started on your journey.

1. Down Dog – Best Beginner Yoga Apps

Down Dog reigns as the most customizable yoga app on the market. With features that allow you to change your sequence to “full instructions”, “slowest pace” for transitions, and “shortest hold length”, this app makes it easy for beginners to get the most out of each yoga pose. The Down Dog app gives you more tips and cues for each pose when you choose the full instructions option. This makes it easier to learn and practice yoga poses you may not be familiar with and the proper alignment needed.

The yoga app features “boost” and “secondary boost” options that allow practitioners to choose focus areas and body parts for each class. This can range from core strength, flexibility, hamstring stretches to twists. Changing instructor voices is also a favorite feature of this yoga app! Their diverse selection is more than we’ve seen in other apps.

How much cost the yoga app for beginner?

Down Dog offers a 22-day free trial, after which you’ll need to sign up for $7.99 a month or $39.99 annually.

2. Alo Moves – Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Beginner Yoga Apps

One of the more well-known yoga apps on this list, Alo has made a name for itself with its clothing. Since launching Alo Moves in 2017, the yoga app has become home to 81 teachers and more than 3,000 online classes. Their online classes vary from yoga, fitness, guided meditations, and self-care.

The Alo Moves app allows you to filter by class length, instructors, styles, difficulty, and intensity. For those beginning their yoga journey, this is a great app to find yoga teachers that suit your style. You may even be familiar with a good number of instructors on Alo Moves through their social media presence. This yoga app is a personal favorite as many instructors here are also active on other platforms, making it easy to find a connection with them and form a familiarity with their styles.

The ease of use, pleasing aesthetics, and quality of videos available make this app a favorite destination to build a daily yoga practice for beginners. Make this your daily yoga app by switching it up with various fitness classes and self-care videos to make the most out of your subscription.

How much is it?

Alo Moves offers a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll need to sign up for a monthly membership of $12.99 or $129.99 annually.

3. Insight Timer – Best Beginner Yoga Apps

Best Beginner Yoga Apps

Known more for being a meditation app, Insight Timer also offers live yoga classes for free. Aside from yoga, you can sign up for free access to guided meditation classes, ambient music for sleeping, and breathwork techniques. Your mental health will thank you later. Many yoga sessions start and end with a quick meditation, and if this is your favorite part of a class, Insight Timer is a great free option for you.

With over 150,000 free guided meditations, you can pick a different one every time you use Insight Timer. You can also choose to join their live classes that are offered daily. At the time of writing this, a restorative yoga and body scan meditation session is scheduled to go live in 10 minutes. Some days, nothing beats a live yoga class to feel the energy from your yoga teacher and other yogis.

How much is it?

Insight Timer is completely free! All their live yoga classes are available with a free account. If you choose to subscribe for added features such as offline listening and high-quality audio, they have a paid version of $60 per year.

4. Glo – Best Beginner Yoga Apps

Best Beginner Yoga Apps

With close to 6,000 on-demand yoga classes and 18 styles of yoga available on Glo, this app offers more variation than most yoga apps out there. From Ashtanga, Iyengar Yoga, Qigong, and Tao Yin, among others, you can explore and learn a wide variety of styles you may not have heard of. They even offer educational classes labeled “tutorials”, where experienced instructors give you in-depth demonstrations of yoga poses. This is important to create a solid foundation before moving on to more intermediate yoga classes.

For many beginners, navigating yoga apps can feel overwhelming the first time you use them. But the Glo app offers easy navigation that lets you choose where to start. The app features curated sets of classes under themes like “start your morning”, “build strength”, “improve flexibility”, and even “for the family”. This makes it easier for new yogis to get a sense of which yoga styles they like.

How much is it?

Glo offers a seven-day free trial, after which their subscription costs $30 monthly or $245.04 annually.

5. Pocket Yoga – best beginner yoga app

yoga teacher training

Available exclusively on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, Pocket Yoga truly lives up to its name as your yoga companion on the go. It costs $3 to download, which is perfect for beginners who are on a budget but still want a challenging yoga workout. You can explore each yoga pose in-depth, with animated pictures that contain detailed explanations, proper alignment, and benefits.

With 27 different sequences to choose from, there are enough classes for a beginner yogi to start their daily yoga practice. You can choose your own background music from Spotify or your music library and connect to Apple Health to track your workout.

How much is it?

It costs $3 to download Pocket Yoga.

6. Yoga Studio – best beginner yoga app

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body is an old favorite of yogis who have been following online yoga classes for years. The yoga app has a collection of 25 hours of full yoga classes that you can easily follow and over 280 pictures of yoga poses with step-by-step instructions and modifications to learn the ins and outs of every movement.

What’s special about this yoga app is you can customize your own yoga sequences by stitching together yoga poses to create the perfect class for you. Their smart link feature shows you how to smoothly flow from one pose to another, making it perfect for beginners to learn what combination of poses go together naturally.

How much is it?

Yoga Studio offers a seven-day free trial, after which you’ll need to sign up for $9.99 a month or $69.99 annually.

Our Takeaways

With multiple yoga apps available to download, it has become easier than ever to start a daily yoga practice outside the studio. The quality of yoga teachers and videos made available online make it as effective as taking an in-person class. Both yoga and meditation classes are available on most apps. Beginners can benefit from starting an at-home practice as most yoga apps offer tutorials and detailed classes or instructions for yoga poses. You have the ability to replay or pause videos when you need to or choose from classes that are beginner-friendly. Make the most out of free trials to gauge which yoga app suits you the most. At the end of the day, whatever gets you on the mat consistently is the best option for you.


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