The 9 best Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, Koh Phangan 2024


Thailand, Koh Phangan is known for its stunning beaches, majestic waterfalls, culture-rich communities and has become an international hot spot for Yoga Teacher Training. After nearly 2 years of borders being closed, the Land of Smiles is slowly easing its restrictions and welcomes tourists again.

Whether your goal is to deepen your yoga practice, learn how to teach, challenge your mind and body, or even find yourself; Thailand, where you can find some of the most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Trainings in the world, is the ideal place for all that.

We hand picked the best yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan, Thailand for you. All listed schools are Yoga Alliance registered and led by experienced international trainers.

1. All Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

All Yoga Thailand Overview

All Yoga Training’s main focus is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Ashtanga mean’s ‘8 limbs’, which you will study alongside the physical practice; Vinyasa is pairing breath with movement. This style of yoga really aligned with what I generally did on my own mat at home or in classes. They also teach Rocket Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy/Physiology, and meditation- often with special guest teachers flying in.

All Yoga Faculty

All Yoga’s core group of teachers are very experienced, knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. They make sure to make you feel right at home while simultaneously making you push yourself and sweat! The curriculum is very comprehensive and can be found on their website.


As far as accommodations- All Yoga provides a free dorm for the first 10 people to sign up. If you’re not among the first 10 don’t worry, the dorm at the Beam is very inexpensive- you can also stay in one of their traditional or modern bungalows. As nice as the bungalows are, I recommend the dorm since it allows you to bond with the fellow students and create unforgettable experiences. I was also very drawn to the authentic feel the dorms had- much more exciting than staying at a pristin resort.

Key Takeaways

I truly felt like I got to experience Thailand the way it should be! Located in the Koh Phangan’s lush jungle right up from the most stunning beach. This yoga teacher training in Thailand really has it all and is the perfect balance of hard work and fun. You’ll walk out with your certificate with enough confidence and energy to start teaching yoga right away!

The highly experienced yoga teachers not only offer you the tools to teach amazing yoga classes for all levels but they also guide you personally to improve your yoga practice and share expert knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, nutrition, advanced sequencing, meditation, and more.

For a more comprehensive view on the curriculum visit the page

The All Yoga Thailand Teacher Training Course is accredited by the Yoga Alliance , meaning graduates can use their qualification to teach in their home country or anywhere in the world. This gives course participants more options for where their careers as qualified yoga teachers will take them!

What you will leave the course with

Upon completion of the All Yoga Thailand Teacher Training Course, you will leave as an empowered, knowledgeable, and confident yoga teacher who can safely lead inspirational yoga classes for all levels.

You will be able to teach:

  • Modified Primary Serie (MPS) of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, perfect for beginner
  • Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (intermediate, advanced)
  • Creative Vinyasa Flow sequence (all level)
    This training will be perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for a most comprehensive yoga teacher training in Thailand
  • You prefer a more intimate group size (max 20 students).
  • You want a modern and evidence based approach to Yoga
  • You are ready to challenge your yoga practice
  • You are looking for personal guidance and one on one mentoring
  • You love Vinyasa Yoga Style
  • You want to learn a Self Practice.
  • You can commit to a daily meditation practice and self growth

Yoga Teacher Training
Upcoming Dates in Thailand

  • What All Yoga Training Graduate says:

    Bonilla, SE

    It transformed me in a way that I have learned so much about myself that I will take with me home and create a “new” lifestyle with all the new knowledge I have. I also learned that it is also okay not to be “the best”, that in yoga there is no “best”. I always try to “overdo” things to stand out for myself but here I learned that where I am (in ex. poses) is okay. It was an emotional rollercoaster but I think you need to experience both good and bad to eventually learn and become better. I had a great time here, I gained so much knowledge that I don’t think I would get anywhere else that easily. Thank you !

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    Elodie, FR

    What is Yoga for you ? That was the first question the teacher asked us. At first, it was a lot about physical sensations and I wondered how to align that practice with my mind. After this amazing experience, Yoga for me is much more! It is the time to recharge, to refill, to recover until I am me again. Getting on my mat means showing up for myself and checking in for myself. We rarely take the time during the day to stop and ask ourselves how we are feeling. The time on my mat is the time for me just to do that and this is really precious. I dare, need and like to dream. I let my imagination roam free on my mat as in my life. We are as free as we allow ourselves to be. For me, Yoga is the time I start to quiet my little monkey mind and just be, feel all the feels – the good and the bad – and face the things I’ve ran away from. Yoga is my reminder to be present. Life moves far too quickly to be living in a time other than this moment. Thanks a lot!

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    Yannic, BE

    I couldn’t imagine that it would be possible for me to teach and more than that, to teach yoga and more than that, to teach yoga in english. When I decided to join this yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit scared as far as I wasn’t (and still not) an expert. Also, I was a bit scared because I would probably be one of the oldest and I am a really introvert person. Everybody, teachers and students, gave me the place and the space and I felt myself as a real part of it. I very quickly figured out that we are/were all of us there for the same aim: yoga and deepening our practice and knowledge about it. Everyone was so supportive. I liked the way we practiced, we met everyday, worked hard and the way we are all part of a team, the yoga family. Thanks to you for making it come true.

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    Madeleine, UK

    The overall yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan was everything I could have dreamed and more. I learned so much, have made friends for life and it really is just the start of my yoga journey. The Vinyasa part was so creative. Really unlike any Vinyasa classes I’ve experienced at home. It gave me the opportunity to get creative with sequencing and have fun and not take it too seriously. I loved about the Yin part that I could connect with the emotional side of Yin, as that was something I haven’t experienced before and was a really great foundation. I didn’t expect to have such a strong connection with the other students and the teachers as well. Annie and Aaron created such an amazing space for all of us to grow and connect with each other while still have the space to connect to ourselves. If you consider doing the training, just do it! I don’t think there is a single one of us who has regretted it. We all have had such a positive experience in an amazing learning environment.

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    Location: Koh Phanghan, Thailand
    Early Bird Price: From USD 2850
    Special Offer: FREE Accommodation first 10 sign up
    Class size: 18 students max.
    Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga

    2. Vikasa Yoga

    vikasa academy yoga teacher training

    Vikasa Yoga is based on individual evolution and spiritual development. Various techniques are practiced, but all follow the Vikasa core values. The general idea behind this training, is that every student is individual, working on personal growth while simultaneously being part of a like-minded group that should contribute to the betterment of the world while being part a of it, not going against it. Hatha, vinyasa, asana, mantras, and more will be taught during this training. The trainers at Vikasa are all from different backgrounds, offering different insight to allow growth. Founder, Konstantin Miachin, has various knowledge of yoga having been to several different trainings across the globe, even being initiated by a Monk in a sacred ceremony!

    The cost of this course includes airport pick-up, a special meal-plan designed for optimal health, course materials, Wifi, access to the infinity pool, massage spa, gym, and of course your certificate. The rooms you’ll find at the retreat are modern-meets-traditional, clean, and varying in different levels of simple luxury. The focus is not on material items, however all of the rooms they offer are quite magnificent! Take a look at them here.

    While not located in Koh Phangan, the location in Samui is as Amazing as Koh Phangan. Your will practice in a yoga shala overviewing the ocean. Pretty unique experience!

    Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
    Price: from $4,000 USD
    Style: Vikasa
    Offers: 200/hr Certificate
    Length: 28 Days

    3. Samma Karuna

    samma karuna yoga teacher training

    Samma Karuna is a popular yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan for those looking for a non-dogmatic course. They are open to any and all religions, ideals, and values. Samma Karuna is also one of the only yoga training that allows you to stay for a free yoga internship teaching asanas, and also grants you a lifetime of free yoga classes at their school. Located in yoga-hub Koh Phangan, they also offer glistening ocean views, free dorms, or private bungalows.

    Definitely one of the best perks this school offers, is the chance to volunteer in the community. You will be able to volunteer the local Organic Farm, Animal Welfare Center, or even help with the school gardening, passing out flyers, or leading Free Hug campaigns! Not only will you be giving back to the community, you will also receive 20% off your sign-up price! The teachers at Samma Karuna all have different backgrounds in training, creating a versatile Program.

    Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
    Price: $2,694 USD (varies upon accommodation, volunteering)
    Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin
    Offers: 200, 300/hr Certificate, Free Internship, Free Lifetime yoga classes
    Length: 28 Days

    4. Yoga Nisarga

    nisarga yoga teacher training

    Yoga Nisarga is an internationally certified yoga school and retreat center in Koh Samui, Thailand. Perfect for those looking to deepen their practice and those who want to immediately start teaching. All the teachers are experienced and they are sharing their knowledge since many years with international students.Students can enjoy the beach, swimming pool, sunsets, kirtan, spa in their free time. With over 1000 alumni Yoga Nisarga is known for integrating tradition and science.

    Rejuvenate and grow at Yoga Nisarga’s stunning location in Koh Samui. We have various type of accommodation which can suit all type of budget from standard rooms to sea view bungalows. Resort has a 4 Yoga shalas to practice various Yoga styles and healthy vegan and vegetarian food. high-speed Wifi, a day excursion, airport pick-up, and a Thai massage!

    Yoga Nisarga offers TTC in two styles: Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, meditation, adjusting, and more under the helpful eyes of their experienced teachers. Yoga Nisarga values the spiritual side of yoga, focusing on the mind as well as the body, so you are sure to leave a different person than when you arrived.

    Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
    Price: From €1,400 EUR (varies upon accommodation)
    Style: Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow
    Offers: 200/ 300 hrs Certificate
    Length: 24 Days
    2023 Dates: Every month

    5. La Casa Shambala

    la casa shambala yoga teacher training

    Fully immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle at La Casa Shambala, another yoga training taking advantage of Koh Phangan’s beautiful tropical paradise. Study Hatha and Vinyasa flow while developing your own style of teaching. Learn anatomy, physiology, and business ethics that will give you an extra edge in the ever-growing world of yoga. One of the best perks of this program is that there are only 18 students allowed each training, meaning you will get more one-on-one time with the instructors!

    The fan bungalows offered at La Casa Shambala are simple but sweet, allowing to you feel at one with the jungle around you. They also offer course only packages that allow you to stay offsite if you need accommodation with more amenities.The price above includes the entire 21 day course, whichever bungalow you choose, an organic/vegan food buffet, Wifi, pick-up from Thong Sala, a photo-shoot, and even a yoga mat! Hard to beat all of those accommodations! Take a more holistic approach to yoga, find yourself, your inner peace, and gain the knowledge you need to become a compassionate yoga teacher at La Casa Shambala!

    Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
    Price: From $1600
    Style: Hatha & Vinyasa
    Offers: 200/hr Certificate
    Length: 21 days
    2023 dates: Every month

    6. Ananda Yoga Detox

    ananda detox yoga teacher training

    Ananda Yoga and Detox Center is another incredible yoga training located in beautiful Koh Phangan. They provide Thailand yoga teacher training in association with Yama Yoga Studios. With over 10 years of experience providing Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainings and the gorgeous facility on the lovely Koh Phangan, Thailand you are sure to have an enriching and transformative experience.

    Not only do they have a great lesson plan, they also have wonderful accommodations! Included in the training price are three free vegetarian meals a day! It’s hard to find a training that will feed you nourishing food for free. They also offer on-site bedrooms, including dorms, that are very clean and scenic.

    Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
    Price: $2,200-3,750 USD (varies upon accommodation)
    Style: Hatha/ Vinyasa
    Offers: 200, 300, 500/hr Certificate
    Length: 28 Days

    7. Pujan Yoga

    pujan yoga teacher training koh Phangan

    Led by husband and wife power-couple, Pujan and Betty, the two have over 30 years of experience and several different styles of training. Swami Pujan was trained as a psychologist and brings a western psychological mindset to the teachings of yoga in order to make them more understandable and relatable. Betty has been trained by some of the founders of yoga, including Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois! To say you are in capable hands would be an understatement. They will teach you the asanas, meditation, and scriptures in a well-structured course, located directly on the beach at their private villa. You’ll be able to work up a sweat practicing and then jump into the ocean or pool! All of the rooms provided have stunning sea-side views and are very spacious.

    Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
    Price: 1,200 EUR
    Style: Hatha
    Offers: 200, 300/hr Certificate
    Length: 28 Days

    8. Yoga Vidya Mandiram

    vidya mandiram yoga teacher training

    Looking for a more traditional immersive experience? Yoga Vidya Mandiram was founded in India, where they host several trainings a year, only charging as much as the course cost to run without making any profit. Chiang Mai is a culture rich, bustling town in Northern Thailand. This program is for anyone looking to study in the most traditional yogic style, focusing heavily on mantras, meditations, morning prayers, weekend temple excursions, devotional songs, and yoga vegetarian meals.

    Hosted by Maewin Guesthouse & Resort, you will be training in Thailand’s peaceful countryside, sleeping in a traditional two-story wooden Thai house situated on a private Thai family farm. You’ll have peaceful views of the vast farmland, forests, and Chiang Mai’s breathtaking mountain range from the house, and are a short distance from incredible waterfalls, hikes, elephant sanctuaries, and more. Yoga Vidya Mandiram’s knowledgeable teachers have spent their lives in traditional Ashram and Gurukulams making yoga and meditation their sole purpose, and teaching from the ancient texts. This is by far the most traditional, authentic practice in Thailand!

    Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Price: $1,799-2,350 USD (varies upon accommodation)
    Style: Traditional Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa
    Offers: 200, 300, 500/hr Certificate
    Length: 22 Days

    9. One Yoga

    one yoga teacher training

    At One Yoga, students truly learn that yoga is much more than the postures. Besides the physical practice, this 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Koh Phangan puts a lot of emphasis on yoga philosophy, as well as the traditional practices of breathwork and meditation.

    To give you a profound understanding of yoga, One Yoga has brought together a diverse team of teachers from different lineages. They will expose you to a variety of styles such as hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga. Of course, the extensive curriculum also covers anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, daily yoga classes, and more. From day one, you will slowly be guided toward teaching your own class – from planning and sequencing to cueing and adjusting.

    Their campus in Koh Phangan offers the perfect environment to immerse yourself in the study of yoga: a private beach, two yoga shalas with ocean views, and a variety of accommodation options from a shared guest house to private sea view bungalows. Your journey of physical and mental transformation will be supported by delicious and healthy vegetarian meals.

    Furthermore, graduates have the opportunity to extend their stay on Koh Phangan in order to teach free yoga classes on campus. This internship really helps solidify your teaching skills and confidence! Last but not least, you will receive free lifetime access to the 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training. It has the same curriculum as the on-site course, so you can revisit your favorite classes anytime.

    Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
    Price: $2,499 USD
    Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin
    Offers: 200/hr Certificate
    Length: 28 Days

    With so many different Yoga Teacher Trainings in Koh Phangan to choose from,
    it can be hard figuring out which one is right for you. Remember to listen to your head and heart, do your research, and trust your gut. Any of these 9 yoga teacher trainings in Thailand would be a great place to start! At the end of the day it’s not about the accommodations; it’s about the experience and the knowledge that you gain from your teachers, and those around you. Good luck on your journey to Koh Phangan, Thailand, and to finding a yoga course that works for you!


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