The 8 Best Yoga Podcasts You Need To Listen To in 2024


Listening to podcasts can be a deeply personal experience, with many obsessed with crime or pop culture podcasts. It can be easy to immerse yourself and listen during your daily commute when you walk your dog, or even throughout the day as you multitask. Business and self-improvement podcasts are also a big deal in the podcast world. This makes it the perfect place to get your yoga fix outside the mat!

Many yoga podcasts offer a mix of business advice, posture and sequencing breakdowns, tips about joining a yoga teacher training or overall wellness conversations. Others discuss hard topics when it comes to yoga communities and the realities of the industry.

We highly recommend you try out these 6 best yoga podcasts the next time you need to feel inspired and empowered in your daily life.

1. Yogaland – Best Yoga Podcast 2024

Yogaland with Andrea Ferretti has over 300 episodes that cover topics from yoga poses and techniques to tips for sequencing classes. It’s truly the go-to podcast for yogis who want in-depth discussions on teaching yoga and ways to advance their practice. They often feature guests on their podcasts, which include other yoga teachers who share their stories and knowledge with the Yogaland listeners.

Andrea, who hosts the podcast, is often joined by her husband, Jason Crandell. Both Andrea and Jason have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. Aside from the podcast, you can find Andrea writing on her blog, while Jason leads various 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings.

2. Yoga Meets Movement Science- Best Yoga Podcast

Best Yoga Podcasts

Jenni Rawlings has been practicing yoga since 1997 and has since completed various teacher trainings. She currently teaches classes and workshops through her website and focuses on anatomy, biomechanics, and movement science.

Travis Pollen, on the other hand, is a personal trainer and Ph.D. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. He has also been practicing yoga for over 15 years and set two Paralympic American records in swimming during his time in college.

Together, Jenni and Travis host Yoga Meets Movement Science, a podcast that takes their breadth of knowledge on science and applies it to yoga, movement, and fitness. They cover misconceptions, myths, and common questions that help yogis understand their practice on a more evidence-based level. We truly believe how you practice, teach, and move will be transformed as a result of listening to this podcast.

3. Let’s Talk Yoga- Best Yoga Podcast 2024

Best Yoga Podcasts

Let’s Talk Yoga with Arundhati Baitmangalkar has over 130 episodes that discuss yoga concepts, and philosophy, and offer in-depth advice to teachers, as well as topics on cultural appropriation in yoga. It’s an insightful podcast that often brings in special guests from diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge on things like Kundalini, starting a yoga studio, or the law of karma.

Arundhati was born and raised in India before moving to the US in 2012. She currently owns a yoga studio in Seattle and leads yoga teacher trainings in the area.

4. Best Yoga Podcast 2024: On & Off Your Mat

Best Yoga Podcasts

On and Off Your Mat is hosted by Erika Belanger, who interviews special guests on almost every episode of her podcast. With more than 180 episodes, this is a great place to learn about yoga and wellness from a wide variety of experts. You can even find an episode on meditation and mindfulness, and its connection to money and investing. It’s an interesting spin on a yoga podcast that incorporates out-of-the-ordinary conversations that can still be applied to daily life.

Erika has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and currently hosts in-person retreats in Costa Rica and online coaching programs. You can follow her journey on her website.

5. J. Brown Yoga Talks – Best Yoga Podcast 2024

Best Yoga Podcasts

The popular podcast J. Brown Yoga Talks brings on well-established guests on every episode of his podcast to have conversations on yoga philosophy and the business of yoga. From authors, and successful entrepreneurs in yoga, to online personalities, J has had them on his podcast. Some notable guests include Adriene Mishler of “Yoga with Adriene” fame on YouTube, and David Procyshyn, founder of the platform, among others. This is a great place to listen and learn from seasoned yogis who have gone through their fair share of success and failure.

You can find more information about J on his website, where you can subscribe to gain access to his live yoga classes or sign up for his live online and/or in-person yoga teacher training.

6. Sober Yoga Girl

Best Yoga Podcasts

The Sober Yoga Girl podcast with Alex McRobs is mostly dedicated to sobriety stories from her own life or from various guests, interlaced with yoga talk. It’s a refreshing and genuine conversation each week, giving inspiration to those who have faced the same struggles and turn towards spirituality for comfort. She also hosts lives every week on her Facebook group, that focus more on yoga philosophy.

Alex has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, certified life coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and Ontario-certified teacher. She currently lives in Bali, Indonesia where she leads 200 and 300-hour in-person teacher trainings, as well as online teacher trainings, and holds yoga retreats around the world.

7. From the Heart with Rachel Brathen

Best Yoga Podcasts

Rachel Brathen has made a name for herself as “Yoga Girl” online, where she shares her life and yoga journey with her social media followers. She actively updates two of her podcasts, namely From the Heart, and The Daily Practice. From the Heart features hour-long episodes that focus on life updates from Rachel, discussions around yoga, our inner thoughts, feelings, and daily struggles. The Daily Practice, on the other hand, are short episodes that span 4 to 8 minutes. Here, you can find short meditation sessions and nuggets of wisdom that set you up for the rest of your day.

Rachel has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and is also a New York Times best-selling author. You can find recordings of her class livestreams on her website, as well as online courses and retreats.

8. Yoga is Dead with Jesal Parikh and Tejal Patel

Best Yoga Podcasts

Yoga is Dead with Jesal Parikh and Tejal Patel is a six-episode podcast that was released in 2019. One of the more popular yoga podcasts even in 2023, the hosts have tough conversations on topics such as privilege and capitalism in the yoga “industry”. This is a great podcast for anyone looking to understand different perspectives in the yoga community. Each episode sparks introspection, which is exactly why you should give it a listen.

Tejal is a first-generation Indian American yoga teacher, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. Through her website, she offers mentoring sessions and online classes that focus on social justice and authentic, culturally rooted spiritual practices.

Her co-host, Jesal, is also a first-generation Indian American yoga teacher, podcaster, movement educator, author, and disrupter working on creative solutions for equity in yoga. You can find her online anatomy courses and guided meditations on her website.

Add These Best Yoga Podcasts to Your Weekly Mix

Podcasts can be a great way to get advice, entertainment, and inspiration whenever you need it. Every now and then, listen to interviews with special guests to get a breath of fresh air from the daily grind and usual perspectives we surround ourselves with every day. See which yoga podcasters resonate with you and what you believe in.


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